Announcement About the End of Voice Actor Applications and the Start of Examination

We are here to announce that we will no longer be receiving voice actor applications and will begin the examination period.

To everyone who has auditioned and supported “Friendship is Epic:”
We have received more applications than we were expecting and it will take some time to sort through them carefully, but we sincerely thank you for your all your time and enthusiasm! We cannot thank you enough for your support!

We understand it is difficult for us to select only one voice actor given the amount of talented applicants, but we also know that it must be done.

We expect that selecting a proper actor will take approximately a week’s time. Our team will carefully choose an applicant and announce the results of the audition on our website. We ask for your patience during this time. Thank you very much.

Friendship is Epic Development Team

Translated by Lin Jensen and edited by Otonashi

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