Accepting Applications for Japanese Voice Actresses

Hello everyone!

We have finally have decided which English voice actors are participating in Friendship is Epic, and on behalf of the whole staff, we are very thankful for the support you have shown us thus far!

Because of problems with developing English pronunciations to the base of the lip syncing system and the unforeseeable amount of large number of questions we have received as of late, we did not have any plans to include Japanese voice actors at first. However, while we were conducting the English voice actor auditions, we received a lot of positive feedback from many people expressing interest in having Japanese recordings, and we even received a direct request from someone who wanted to apply to be a Japanese voice actress. We were surprised, but happy to see this.

Considering these opinions from the community, we have decided to begin recording for Japanese voices!

Additionally, we plan on supporting the ability to independently turn on or off subtitles and language. (Japanese subtitles with Japanese voice, English subtitles with Japanese voice, etc)

With that said, if there is anyone who would like to volunteer for the characters below, please submit a voice sample of the pre-selected lines as indicated in the procedures below to our development team.


Before Participating:

Please read the staff application deadlines (Japanese)

Step 1 : Please select a character

– The Element of Magic

– The Queen of Insects

(For the Japanese version, we have already decided on the frame of characters we will receive applications for)

Step 2 : Please confirm the character lines

A list of character dialogues are listed in the Google spreadsheet below. Please confirm the sets of dialogues you would like to perform, pick out some of the lines you like, and record them.

Step 3 : Send the recorded lines to the development team

– Skype
– Mail

If you know someone personally on the development team, you may also send the file through them. Furthermore, if we receive a lot of applicants, just as we did with the English voice actors, a majority vote by the development team will determine who will be accepted.

We will be happy if you would please acknowledge this point.

Again, thank you very much for all your support!

Friendship is Epic Development Team

Translated by Otonashi and Stinken

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