The Development Roadmap

Here is the FiE development roadmap.

Prototype Build:
4 Difficulty
– Easy
– Normal
– Hard
– Nightmare
3 Playable Characters
– The Element of Magic
– The Element of Honesty
– The Element of Loyalty
1 Map
– The Castle of the Two Sisters
1 Enemy Force
– Changelings
1 Boss Character
– The Queen of Insects

First Alpha Build:
2 Additional Game System
– Player Level
– Skill Tree
1 Map
– The Crystal Empire
1 Additional Enemy Force
– Shadow Ponies
1 Additional Boss Character
– The Crystal Tyrant
1 Additional Playable Character
– The Element of Kindness

Second Alpha Build:
1 Additional Difficulty
– Chaos
1 Additional Map
– The Moon
1 Additional Enemy Force
– Forces of the Moon
1 Additional Boss Character
– The Nightmare
1 Additional Playable Character
– The Element of Generosity

Beta Build:
1 Additional Game System
– In-Game Mission
1 Additional Playable Character
– The Element of Laughter
1 Additional Boss Character
– The Centaur Lord

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  1. What are your plans to avoid getting a C&D from Hasbro? I love the way the game looks but I fear that this, like many great projects before it, will ultimately fall to the C&D hammer if it is not appropriately prepared for.

    • As we have mentioned in the game info, we will releasing this game as a “Japanese doujinshi,” or fan-created work which is allowable in Japan. The staff working on this project are also doing this voluntarily and not for money or profit.

      That said, we understand the possibility we may still be given a C&D order.

  2. Amazing work dude. I wish there was any way I could help out. Am happy to beta of course, I have several machines I can test it on, but I have no idea where you are in development :)

    • Thank you very much for your support Mr. Mike!

      I am sorry to say, but we currently do not have plans for beta testers. However, we are releasing a playable demo at JapanPonycon.

  3. What Software did you guys use to make this game?

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